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5 Reasons Why Voice Overs are Important for Your Videos

Sep 28, 2023

‘The tongue can paint what the eye can’t see‘ – Chinese proverb

Your video is spot on. The images are exactly how you want them but the audio, both the music and the human voice, will lift the message high, capturing your audience’s attention and carrying it further.

Hiring the right professional voice over actor can make a powerful addition to your branding strategy. Brands considering creating compelling explainer videos to enhance their marketing campaign are well advised to seek out the right voice that captures the essence of the brand and the emotion of the message.

1. The Voice Will Set The Tone

Is your message a playful, light hearted one or is the subject matter more serious and urgent? Understanding the tone from the off is key and your voice over professional will know this.

2. Resonating With Your Audience

Whoever they are, be it infant school children, middle aged hairy bikers or your local WI, you need to use a voice that resonates with them. An authentic voice that they can identify with so they believe the message.

3. The Voice Will Convey a Feeling of Trust

The voice, whether from the accent, perceived age or sex needs to sound confident and credible in order to gain this trust.
You need to take into consideration where the voice sits in your audience’s mind. Is it from their location? From their cultural background? Will they be put off by a ‘posh’ voice or a strong accent from outside their area, or will the voice give them a safe, secure feeling that the speaker has authority and confidence? Choosing the right voice will not just compliment your video but set it apart.

4. The Voice Actor Will Bring Character To Your Words

When you hire professional voice actors you know your project is in the hands of someone who can bring the script to life. It’s because they have the ability to bring character and personality to your words that will give your video extra dimension.Their interesting voice delivers enlightenment and complexity in a way that a trained voice can.

5. Your Video Will Sound Professional

Spending money on the right equipment and skills to create your perfect visuals only to use George in accounts for the voice over because he has a nice voice is false economy. And an AI voice does not have the human emotion you need to capture your audience.
A professional voice actor will work with you to understand your message, chat through the script to know the main points and CTA and be happy to offer revisions in order for you to be confident that your message is conveyed as you imagine.
A voice over that matches the quality and effort you have put into the production will make your video stand out.

And as an extra (I like to over deliver)

6. A Distinctive Voice Can Hook Your Audience

Think of M&S adverts and many people immediately think of the wonderful voice of Dervla Kirwin even though the company has used many other voices since then.
Their tagline ‘This isn’t just food…..’ is imprinted in the nation’s consciousness and her delivery of that line stamped it there.
The dream for all brands.
You want people to associate your brand with you and what you stand for. This is where a distinctive voice can help you stand out from the rest. And they don’t need to be a well known actress or celebrity. Using the same voice for all your branding will give consistency and that again builds trust.

By seeking out a professional voice actor who can deliver audio as and when you require is key.

If you think my now award winning voice may be able to help you and you’d like a FREE sample read please contact me or email

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