Voice Artist FAQ’s

If you need a British female voice over service for your project contact Deryn who has versatility, RP pronunciation, a sense of fun, and a ‘spit spot’ attitude to every detail.

Voice Artist FAQ’s with Deryn Oliver.

Whether you are new to the voice artist world or your projects are already being enjoyed by the ever increasing audience out there, I can help to bring your words to life. I am a listed narrator on the ACX website and so if you prefer to go through them I am happy to do so and am also listed on Far Away voices.

I am more than happy to provide you with a short Free sample read from your script to help you decide before you make the decision on your voice artist. Here’s a few popular questions I get asked that I find people just wish to know.

Why use a voice over artist?

There are so many reasons but here are a few…

Since voice-over artists are professional actors and experts in their craft, they’ll get the job done right the first time, ultimately saving time. A professional voice-over artist can nail a script in a couple of takes while an inexperienced person could take dozens.

If your aim is to save on the cost of a voiceover artist, I would urge you to rethink this. A pro voice can improve your conversion-rate to paying customers as an amateur voice will be obvious. In the same way that the other elements of your branding (website, logo, packaging etc) are important considerations, choosing the voice talent can help to create a certain image and raise your standing in your industry.

Flexibility and acting skills – Understanding how to get the most out of a script or develop a character voice takes acting skills.

Mic techniques – knowing how to avoid plosives (the noise the letter P can make) and loud breathes make the difference between an amateur voice over and a pro recording.

What does a voice over artist do?

A professional voice over will read the script, note pronunciations and consider who the recording is aimed at. Is it an advert for a service or a product? Or is it a factual read? An explainer video? The important points of the text will be noted and perhaps more emphasis will be made on particular words.

If it’s a character read then acting skills come into play deciding how the character sounds and their reason for saying the words.

The actual recording may not take long but the file will be listened to carefully for mistakes, breaths etc and any extraneous sounds edited.

A pro voice over artist can also take direction from a client either by written word or in a live directed session using tools such as zoom, Source Connect or other remote recording methods. They can also travel to a sound studio if required for a live recording.

Who is the best voice for voice over?

There is no single voice over artist who is suitable for all projects. Choosing a voice depends on the audience for the voice recording and the desired feeling that voice should evoke.

I have used my voice for countless explainer videos, game characters, corporate videos, documentaries, audiobooks because my voice fitted the sound the client required.

Why choose Deryn Oliver?

Because I am fun to work with, am a perfectionist when it comes to sound quality and delivering exactly the read the client requires. I’m also versatile and happy to offer suggestions as to how to bring out the best in the script.

I have numerous audiobooks on Audible and with other publishers and have voiced a huge variety of projects from corporate videos to evil gaming characters. Whether you need an evil crone for your You Tube video or a warm, assured narrator for your business website I will deliver high quality audio. Happy to be directed either remotely from my studio via zoom, phone or Source Connect or happy to travel to your chosen studio if required.

What do I need to know about your project?

So firstly, I need to hear all about your voice artist project. Whether it’s an audiobook, an e-learning narration, a commercial or a game character. I need to hear all about it so I can get a feel for the desired tone and style. Perfect enunciation and diction is required for language learning projects but may sound a bit out of place on a game trailer!

The number of words and the expected audience, where it will be used and for how long are also all factors I need to know to give an accurate quote for the cost and time.

Turnaround Times

The turnaround times would greatly depend on the project and its complexity, I would be able to give to an agreed timescale once all voice artist project details are discussed.

If a project needs to be recorded urgently I can usually turn it around within 24 hours or less depending on the length of the read.

Voice Over Rates

Rates for voice over projects vary depending on usage as well as the size of the project as you are paying for the intrinsic value of the voice and not just the number of words in your script. So if you need my voice for an internal training video voice over you will pay a different rate than if my voice is advertising your brand on national television or is needed for your small business website.

But no matter how big or small the reach of your project do get in touch as I’d love to help bring your project to life!

How would we receive completed files?

I am happy to send files via a variety of different methods depending on your requirements. Usual methods are via email, DropBox or Google Drive.

If you have any other method you prefer, and in whichever file format you require, though usually completed files are sent in MP3 or WAV format.

Do you need me to record in your studio?

If you would require the recording to be done in your studio that would be no problem.

Although I live in the beautiful rural county of Shropshire I can easily jump on a train or into the car and travel to a studio if that is required for your project.

My Equipment

What type of studio do I use?

My voice artist studio is a home-based studio which is fully sound treated, enabling me to ensure quick turnarounds and high sound quality.

What Audio Interface do I use?

I use a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22.

What Microphone do I use?

I use a AKG P120 microphone.

What software do I use?

I use Sound Forge Pro.

Amazing work! Deryn went out of her way to make sure we were happy with the characters before recording.


To ensure that my voice fits your project I am happy to record a few lines of your project for free before you place an order. Just fill out the form indicating what genre the recording is for, add a few lines of your script plus a short description of the style and tone.

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Deryn Oliver

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Check out my variety of vocal styles in the demo page or for a quick idea of my voice click on the audio link below.