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If you need a British female voice over service for your project contact Deryn who has versatility, RP pronunciation, a sense of fun, and a ‘spit spot’ attitude to every detail.

British Female Voice Over Actor, Deryn Oliver.

About Me

Even as a child at infant school in the 70’s I was complimented on my clear and confident speaking voice. Throughout my school days I was regularly asked to be the narrator for assemblies and stage productions. When asked for volunteers to read out loud in class it was my hand that shot up as although I wasn’t great at science and maths, I knew I had a talent for speech.

Skip forward to my twenties where I was running my own successful beauty therapy business with a loyal clientele who came to me as I always listened first and then made them feel, as well as look, fantastic. Being kind and funny was a beauty treatment in itself and I loved making my ladies shine! I was still using my creative talents on stage in local theatre and, as much as I loved my job as a beauty therapist, I still had a little voice inside telling me that a more creative path was out there for me.

And then in 2017 Bradley Walsh and his quiz show Cash Trapped came into my life.
No, he didn’t suddenly call me up and offer me a new career, but I was a contestant on the show. During filming both the man himself and the producer commented on the clarity of my voice. They suggested I could be great at voice over work.
Thrillingly, I won the show (can’t tell you how exciting that was!) and spurred on by their remarks, I did some research into the voice over industry, investing my winnings into training, professional equipment and setting up ‘The Quiet Room’ aka my home studio.

Today, I wake up excited to get behind the mic rather than behind the waxing station in my old salon. I still ensure I cheerfully listen to my clients first and then use my spit spot attitude and skills as a voice over artist to bring the read to life!

What I can do for you

Whether you are looking for my spit spot RP or BBC English, a croaky old witch or a cutesy voice for your animation I am more than happy to provide you with a short Free sample read to help you decide if my voice is the one you are after.
Once we have agreed the project, I will read the full script, make any notes and queries I may have for you and will be in contact with you throughout the process to ensure that you are happy. I can to be directed via Zoom etc or and have Source Connect if preferred or if required can travel to studio .

Once completed I will send you the file in either WAV or MP3 to check and will make the agreed revisions if necessary.


Since starting out as a voice over in 2017 I have voiced a wide variety of characters and countless voice over projects. I have voiced numerous witches from friendly and helpful to downright evil and on the other end of the scale have been the voice of a giant Christmas tree for a theme park in Canada and my clear diction and warm tone is perfection for the role as a narrator.
I have over twenty five books on Audible, and my acting ability has helped me to voice a number of gaming characters from prim and proper librarians to murderous old ladies and plenty in between.



Amazing work! Deryn went out of her way to make sure we were happy with the characters before recording.


To ensure that my voice fits your project I am happy to record a few lines of your project for free before you place an order. Just fill out the form indicating what genre the recording is for, add a few lines of your script plus a short description of the style and tone.

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Deryn Oliver

Listen Now!

Check out my variety of vocal styles in the demo page or for a quick idea of my voice click on the audio link below.