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Will Your Book make it as an Audiobook?

Apr 17, 2020

So you spend hours, days and weeks or even years to get your words down on paper – or screen – and you are at last happy with your book. 
You may already have had it published and are enjoying the feedback from your readers or are just ready to take that exciting step and looking forward to seeing your ‘baby’ for sale in print and digital formats.

But now you are considering having it made into an audiobook and with good reason.

I’m sure you must have heard or read that audiobook sales are growing at a huge pace and with the rise of digital technology like smart speakers, the ability to do so while being engaged in other activities are making them even more accessible.

Reports from publishers Audible showed a growth in UK revenue of 38% in 2018 and are no doubt going to show an even larger growth rate in 2019.
Even in the current crisis, the fact that so many people are staying in their homes, in need of entertainment and mental stimulation, and with the time to listen to audiobooks, will no doubt increase consumption.

Reports from The Audio Publishers Association also back up the trend.

July 17, 2019, New York, NY – The Audio Publishers Association released the results from their annual sales survey, conducted by independent research firm Management Practice Inc., which revealed that the strong growth the audiobook industry has seen in recent years continues. Based on information from responding publishers, U.S. audiobook sales in 2018 totaled $940 million*, up 24.5% from the previous year, with a corresponding 27.3% increase in units. This continues the seven-year trend of doubledigi revenue growth in audiobooks year over year.

But before you click on the Audible website and place your book up for production I would advise you have an honest think about your book and its chances of success. The genre it falls under could make a big difference..

Does your book fall into any of these categories?

1. Health and Fitness
2. Business
3. Spirituality
4. Self-help
5. History
6. Biographies
7. Romance
8. Science fiction/fantasy
9. Mystery/Thriller

If so, that’s good as these are the most popular genres of audiobooks according to Audible.

• Take a look at their site and have a good look at the published audiobooks in your books genre.
• Find a few that have a similar subject matter or theme and look at the rating and the reviews. I know this isn’t your wonderful book and yours is bound to be so much better but it might give you an idea of your potential listeners preferences.
• Think what they might be saying when they have heard your book.And notice the comments about the narrators.
• Listen to the sample reads that you can hear under the listing so you can understand what the reviewers have heard.
• Its worth saying that if your genres popular narrators tend to be one sex or the other, bear it in mind, as if you do decide this route is for you, choosing the right narrator is very important


If it falls into one of these categories however you may want to consider if it’s worth the effort.

1. Some versions of travel guides
2. Picture books
3. Many image heavy cookbooks
4. Interior design or home and garden books
5. Reference books
6. Quotation/citation books

Or in other words, any books that are image heavy or use diagrams, maps. Graphs etc
If it does and you are still keen I would suggest
• imagining being the listener. Are your words going to make sense if the images are not there?
• Can a narrator talk about your diagram to make it understandable?
• Once again look on Audible for your genre and research the books similar to yours.
• Are they doing well? How are the ratings?

Once you have carried out this little bit of research and been honest with yourself, the answer should become clearer as to whether that jump into the audio world is for you.

Bottom line is you need to know the book. Someone else wrote it but you need to read it as if you did.

If you think my voice may be able to help you and you’d like a FREE sample read please contact me or email

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