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Becoming a Voice Actor. The importance of an Audio Warm Up.

Feb 15, 2019

Last month I was on the stage in Cinderella playing the elocution teacher trying to educate The Ugly Sisters in the art of ‘speaking proper’ and ‘being a lady’.​

As in the classic productions ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Singing in The Rain’, reciting tongue twisters was one of the methods my character employed to encourage her pupils to shape their mouths and speak more clearly.

​As voice over artists and anyone using the spoken word professionally will know, warming up the vocal chords and facial muscles is very important before coming to a project as well as ensuring good hydration.

I have routinely used the mouth exercises Gary Terzza recommends but also find tongue twisters work well. The sillier the better as laughing while you force your tongue to make sense of a silly rhyme will relax your face even more thus leading to cleaner sounding voice.

​Another daft looking tip is to clamp a pencil between your teeth while talking about Peter Pipers penchant for pickled peppers as this will give the muscles even more of a stretch.

Ok so you look and sound a bit bonkers but doubt people think of you as a sensible soul anyway if you are in the voiceover business!


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