Enjoy reading a book in the middle of the day? I certainly do.

So you have got the job, the author wants your voice to flesh out their characters, to tell their story and to engage the buyers of the book and have them pressing the play button whenever they can.

And you want it to do that too but what you mustn’t do is to rush to the microphone to get started. Instead you need to get comfortable, perhaps make a mug of tea, or even pour a glass of wine and settle down to read the book.

All of it. Not one chapter at a time but the whole book.

Probably will take you a few days or even a week if you are busy with other projects but you must get it read. It’s not a lazy way to spend a work day but an essential part of your work day as an audiobook narrator.

Depending on the subject matter you may need to make notes as you read on character names, accents, pronunciation of unusual words etc but you will also want to mark where different characters come in and their motivation for acting as they do in that part of the story. I tend to have a notebook next to me to write these in or if I have printed the script off I scrawl important points on that

Bottom line is you need to know the book. Someone else wrote it but you need to read it as if you did.