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May 22, 2019

Audiobooks, explainer videos, animation, corporate advertising, gaming, the voice of God, IVR, e-learning ………

These are just a few of the sectors that require voice over artists and when I was a complete newbie I hadn’t even heard of most of them.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have learned that within these sectors there can be a multitude of genres and styles of reading, some of which I enjoy greatly ( children’s stories, character reads, and, a bit bizarrely, telephone messages) and others not so much (medical projects, religious content)

For example, Audiobook genres are generally thrillers, romance, erotica, comedies, fiction, business, self-help etc but then you have variations in each one as well. Which person it’s read in, whether you need to do multiple character voices, length of the read, style of the read- humourous or deadly serious. The list goes on.

Even corporate videos vary enormously from wanting an authoritative, serious tone to those wanting bright, young and funky sounding reads

As a newbie, you need to gain experience in as many as you can but recently I have started noticing the jobs I enjoy the most and that the feedback from these tends to be the most effusive.​

These jobs can be in any one of these sectors but I am starting to see a pattern forming as to the styles of reading that I seem to be suited to and enjoy the most. And so perhaps I am slowly realising my strengths in VO.

As Thomas Oppong wrote in his article maybe I should stop worrying about improving my weaknesses and just concentrate on my strengths?

If I am never going to be able to get my tongue smoothly enough around Otorhinolaryngologist (oto rhinolaryg ologist) to be convincing in a medical explainer video perhaps I should stop trying and concentrate instead on perfecting my witch’s cackle

That way I will no longer be one of the flock, all flying along on mass, but a single, more noticeable voice, on my own perch.​

If you think my voice may be able to help you and you’d like a FREE sample read please contact me or email

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Corporate LiveWire Awards Prestige Award Winner

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